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What they say about us

What do our customers say?

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I’ve had a Prism Solar Trifase charger for a month. I charge my Tesla Model 3 with practically 100% solar energy! A wonderful product! Thank you Federico Lagni for the excellent advice and supply by Enerev! The Silla support is top, they reply immediately and are super-prepared! Recommended!

Matteo Sgalaberni – MODENA -

Congratulations to Enerev for their swift and immediate communication while I was purchasing a Prism Solar Trifase charger. For now, I am using “only” the charge balancing on the single-phase domestic system so as to exploit the 6.6 kW of the meter without worrying about not switching anything on in the house: it’s highly reactive. For the remaining functions, I’m about to move to a new house where I’ll have photovoltaic cells and accumulators to exploit the wallbox 100%. My Tesla Model 3 will be very happy!

Matteo Anselmo – CUNEO -

A fantastic car!!! It was a special weekend, a dream come true. Heartfelt thanks to Federico Lagni and to Matteo for their kindness and helpfulness!!!

Alessandro Pasinelli – BERGAMO -

I rented a Tesla Model 3 Performance, their Black Tornado, for a weekend. An experience that introduced me to electric mobility, something that really has sense when you drive a Tesla. Enerev is a company consisting of professionals who can give you the best advice and provide a first class service. Highly recommended!

Andrea Cattaneo – MILAN -

A dream come true, one of my desires became reality for my birthday: Tesla Model 3 Performance for a week. Myself at the wheel of a Tesla was something I’d always seen as something beyond my reach. They made it possible! A special experience I’ll take with me, an excellent service offered by Federico Lagni and Matteo Cislaghi. Professionalism, passion and helpfulness are the principal features I found in Enerev.

Andrea Marchitelli – MILAN -

Many, many thanks for the incredible experience of trying your magnificent Tesla Model 3 Long Range. A truly incredible experience, a taste of the future that awaits us!

Daniel Rau Marsanich – MODENA -

An excellent experience! Very polite and professional! It was very useful to try the car (Tesla Model 3 Performance) to get a clear idea of how an electric car works and whether it’s the right thing for us.

Gualtiero Bellia – Milan -

An excellent experience: polite, attentive and professional. Thank you Federico for your passion and enthusiasm and for giving me the opportunity to try the Tesla Model 3 Long Range for a few days. Spectacular. The only difficult thing was to hand it back at the end of the rental because once you’ve tried it, it’s got you. I recommend Enerev not only for its impeccable service and great seriousness but also for the care it takes over the vehicle. Well done.

Simone Dal Cengio – VICENZA -

I recently rented the new Tesla Model Y for a few days as I was curious about the world of Tesla and electric mobility. It was a pleasant discovery indeed, thanks not least to Enerev and the helpfulness and courtesy of Federico and Andrea.

Fabrizio Possis – VARESE -

It has been our pleasure to be the very first customers to whom Enerev entrusted the brand new Tesla Model Y for our wedding on September 17. The machine is a showcase and Federico and Gianluca were super helpful and professional. We couldn’t ask for more. Well done!

Nicole Gatti – BERGAMO -

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