Frequently Asked Questions about our Tesla rental service - Enerev - Noleggio Tesla in tutta Italia



General Information

What’s the minimum duration of a rental?

Only for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, there’s a minimum rental term of 2 days (48 hours). Tesla Model X can be rented even for 1 day (24 hours).

What’s included in the rent?

Famously, Enerev rental includes many things you find listed on this page. Among the many benefits, we include free recharging at all Tesla Superchargers in Italy and abroad, as well as recharging throughout the Duferco Energia network (which includes ENEL, BeChaRGE, etc.). Download the D-Mobility app: you can use all the chargers you see on the map free of charge and without limits with our card!

I’ve read that I have 250 km per day included in the rental. If, for example, I rent for 2 days, can I do 50 km one day and 450 the other?

Certainly. The 250 km per day is not a daily limit. We always consider the total. So 500 km total for 2 days’ rental, 750 for 3 days and so on. If you exceed the total allowance, the extra kilometers are charged at 0.5 € + VAT per km. So if you travel 850 km in a 3-day rental, you will pay 50 € + VAT for the extra 100 km.

Where are the cars?

Each of our cars is in a specific city, such as Milan, Vicenza, Rome or Civitanova Marche. On this page you will find the cities on the basis of our precise models.
Remember that, with the exception of Tesla Model 3, we periodically move Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model X from one city to another to meet our customers’ needs throughout Italy.

Can I receive it conveniently at my house or at least in my province?

Yes, we have delivered in many cities of northern, central and southern Italy. The service has a dedicated cost that obviously increases according to the distance. Otherwise, you can come to collect and return it in our cities. Request a quotation in your rental request.

When I come to collect it, will you explain to me how the car works?

Much more! We’ll give you c.20 minutes’ training in the car, driving together, explaining how all the most important aspects of Tesla work and answering all your questions.

Will I have assistance during the rental, if I need something?

Certainly! During the rental, you can count on us for anything!

Can I use the Tesla app during the rental, to test this aspect too?

Certainly! We can share the car with you on the Tesla app, so you can manage the Tesla you have rented from remote. You can conveniently receive information on recharging, set air conditioning or heating 5 minutes before leaving the house, and many other useful or amusing things.

Economic Information

How much does it cost to rent one of your Teslas?

The daily charge varies according to the Tesla model. You will find our entire fleet with the relative rental fees on this page.

Are there discounts for several days’ rental?

Yes, according to the model and the number of days, we apply discounts. If you wish to know the discounts available, send us a request for the model you desire on this page.

Are there any additional discounts?

Yes! If you use Smart Booking, you will have an additional and genuine discount of 10%, applied even to already discounted prices for 1 week’s rental, 2 weeks, etc.

Insurance and deposit

What is the insurance cover?

We have protected all our Teslas with a range of covers, such as full insurance cover, theft, fire, acts of
vandalism and windscreens. You will therefore have all these covers already included in the rental fee.
Regarding full insurance cover, the contractual deductible is 2,500 €, reducible to 1,000 € with an insurance supplement of 65 € + VAT (this is a lump sum, not a daily supplement).

Must I leave a deposit to rent one of your Teslas?

Yes, the day before collecting your rented tesla, you must leave a deposit equal to the deductible of the full insurance cover. As described in the previous question, the basic deductible is 2,500 €. With an insurance supplement of 65 € + VAT (lump sum, NOT daily), the deductible is reduced from 2,500 € to 1,000 €. In this case, therefore, the deposit is also reduced to 1,000 €.

How does the deposit work?

The deposit must be made the day before rental begins. Very conveniently, you can do it with your credit card, prepaid card or an ATM card authorized for online payments. The amount will not be deducted, it will be a simple pre-authorization, just as you will have done with a hotel.

When will it be returned?

Immediately! When you return the Tesla, our Delivery Specialist will inspect the car with you to check the presence of any damage. If the car is as it was delivered to you, our Administrator will unblock the deposit the same day!

If I cause damage to a value of 200 €, while I lose the entire deposit?

No. For damage less than the chosen deductible, you will be charged only for the amount of the damage. In the case of damage amounting to 200 €, you will be charged 200 € and the difference between that and the deductible, and therefore the deposit, will be returned to you.


  • I’ve had a Prism Solar Trifase charger for a month. I charge my Tesla Model 3 with practically 100% solar energy! A wonderful product! Thank you Federico Lagni for the excellent advice and supply by Enerev! The Silla support is top, they reply immediately and are super-prepared! Recommended!

    Matteo Sgalaberni – MODENA
  • Congratulations to Enerev for their swift and immediate communication while I was purchasing a Prism Solar Trifase charger. For now, I am using “only” the charge balancing on the single-phase domestic system so as to exploit the 6.6 kW of the meter without worrying about not switching anything on in the house: it’s highly reactive. For the remaining functions, I’m about to move to a new house where I’ll have photovoltaic cells and accumulators to exploit the wallbox 100%. My Tesla Model 3 will be very happy!

    Matteo Anselmo – CUNEO
  • A fantastic car!!! It was a special weekend, a dream come true. Heartfelt thanks to Federico Lagni and to Matteo for their kindness and helpfulness!!!

    Alessandro Pasinelli – BERGAMO
  • I rented a Tesla Model 3 Performance, their Black Tornado, for a weekend. An experience that introduced me to electric mobility, something that really has sense when you drive a Tesla. Enerev is a company consisting of professionals who can give you the best advice and provide a first class service. Highly recommended!

    Andrea Cattaneo – MILAN
  • A dream come true, one of my desires became reality for my birthday: Tesla Model 3 Performance for a week. Myself at the wheel of a Tesla was something I’d always seen as something beyond my reach. They made it possible! A special experience I’ll take with me, an excellent service offered by Federico Lagni and Matteo Cislaghi. Professionalism, passion and helpfulness are the principal features I found in Enerev.

    Andrea Marchitelli – MILAN
  • Many, many thanks for the incredible experience of trying your magnificent Tesla Model 3 Long Range. A truly incredible experience, a taste of the future that awaits us!

    Daniel Rau Marsanich – MODENA
  • An excellent experience! Very polite and professional! It was very useful to try the car (Tesla Model 3 Performance) to get a clear idea of how an electric car works and whether it’s the right thing for us.

    Gualtiero Bellia – Milan

  • An excellent experience: polite, attentive and professional. Thank you Federico for your passion and enthusiasm and for giving me the opportunity to try the Tesla Model 3 Long Range for a few days. Spectacular. The only difficult thing was to hand it back at the end of the rental because once you’ve tried it, it’s got you. I recommend Enerev not only for its impeccable service and great seriousness but also for the care it takes over the vehicle. Well done.

    Simone Dal Cengio – VICENZA
  • I recently rented the new Tesla Model Y for a few days as I was curious about the world of Tesla and electric mobility. It was a pleasant discovery indeed, thanks not least to Enerev and the helpfulness and courtesy of Federico and Andrea.

    Fabrizio Possis – VARESE
  • It has been our pleasure to be the very first customers to whom Enerev entrusted the brand new Tesla Model Y for our wedding on September 17. The machine is a showcase and Federico and Gianluca were super helpful and professional. We couldn’t ask for more. Well done!

    Nicole Gatti – BERGAMO