Rent a Tesla Model 3 in Italy - Enerev - Noleggio Tesla in tutta Italia


We are the first rental company in Italy to have received the Tesla Model 3!

125 € + VAT per day, minimum 2 days, inclusive of:
✅ 250 kms every day (cumulative)
✅ Unlimited free recharging at the Tesla Superchargers
✅ Unlimited free recharging throughout the Be Charge network
✅ Fully comprehensive insurance
✅ Tesla App access
✅ 2 drivers
✅ Training during delivery
✅ Assistance during the rental
✅ 50% discount on our chargers

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Where is Model 3 located?

We have 4 Model 3 in these cities: Milan, Turin, Rome and Vicenza (near Venice).

Send your request for rental by filling in this form (Attention: you must have had your license for at least 3 complete years):

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